Chorus By The Sea + Chorus By The Quay 1st Anniversary & Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Drive 中秋慈善盛典

On this day of joyous occasion filled with gratitude and love, our restaurant is honored to host the Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Drive. We invite everyone to participate and contribute towards a compassionate future together.

- Purchase a charity set menu and savor the food while contributing to a good cause.
- Support our charitable activities by making a donation, all your good deeds will bring hope to the needy.

We sincerely thank you for your support and concern for charity. We look forward to your presence, and together we will create a Mid-Autumn Festival full of love and gratitude! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

中秋慈善盛典——感恩与爱的传递 亲爱的朋友们, 在这个传统的团圆日子里,我们餐厅荣幸地举办中秋慈善盛典,邀请您一同参与,为爱心事业 贡献一份力量。

- 购买慈善套餐,品味美食的同时为慈善事业贡献一份爱心。
- 以捐款的方式支持我们的慈善活动,您的善举都将为有需要的人们带去希望。


Date/日期:01/08/2023 ~ 29/09/2023

Location/地点:Chorus By The Sea & Chorus By The Quay